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1 prepared himself for the coming battle It was year 1776 on earth. Today is what the humans called Christmas ,a festival celebration of joyous Colors and gift. Giving however they were mounting a surprise attack on the enemy by crossing the Delaware river. He felt out of place for He is not of this world or even this new found country that he is sure of. But he choose to fight Because he felt a insatiable urge for battle and the protection of the Innocent that was granted by this nations founding leaders He is warrior of honor, Bravery and justice and today would be one of his finer moments of his new found life as a American because today would be recorded in history as a daring mission for the years to come . His struggle
However was not the British empire but his thoughts. his memory and mind had been erased prior to his untimely arrival here Roughly a year ago The only things he has been able to piece together was how and when he got here.He had awoken in a locked holding cell shackled like a traitor but he knew not the reason why.he only knew the will to escape and find answers to so many unsolved questions .He made a daring variant and rebellious escape by forced the crash of the Space ship he was aboard and defeating the foes imprisoning him. The ship crashed into a barren basin in what the humans called the Ohio a rock breaking the surface of a puddle. He narrowly escaped the doomed vessel before its self destruction where his questions went unanswered he made his way to a local village where Frontiersman tended to his wounds and nursed him back to health. That was his most recent memory. It became an odd conundrum that made him uncomfortable and worried for the reasons of his psychic and physical imprisonment even now he struggled with the little knowledge he had regained fragments that flourished into pieces of a puzzle . He visualized the face of a beautiful woman and endless awe of a frozen kingdom on delict planet he can't remember her name but her aura feels so intimate and inviting that he sadness at the thought of Forgetting her. he can't bring himself to piece together the puzzle because of the silent sorrow In the back of his thoughts.He sat in a trance as the Commander officer General Washington led the charge. General Washington glanced back at him studying he alien friend. The General was one of the few humans that knew of his alien origins and his ablilities because he has seen 1 do amazing feats of strength and survival a gunfire mirage, as well as his superhuman reflexes and unnatural Ice powers. The general knew 1 was invaluable asset that could change the tide of the war and even history.


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